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  • Manufacturers recommend proper leather cleaning and protection treatments as frequently as every six months to extend the life of the leather.
  • NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration has the experience and expertise to properly clean leather upholstery using the most advanced leather care products and methods available.

But isn’t leather easy to clean myself?

Leather, properly maintained, can last four or even five times longer than fabric or man-made fibers. Unfortunately, consumers are often told when they purchase leather that it is a low maintenance covering and can easily be wiped off occasionally with mild soap and water. Professional service or treatments are not usually recommended by the sales person. While this may seem like a good selling feature, it’s only partly true.

Several problems can arise with this approach. Dr. Tork, developer of the Leather Master® product line explains:

“First, low maintenance is usually interpreted as no maintenance.

Second, protected leather may have a durable pigmented finish, but it’s not indestructible. This durable finish initially allows consumers to clean leather with almost anything and get an immediate satisfactory result. But, the use of products not designed to clean leather may break down these durable finishes, causing the pigment to crack or peel. Improper maintenance leads directly to expensive restoration or replacement.

Third, aniline and nubuck leathers are not low maintenance. These leathers are extremely porous and should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to protect your investment.

Fourth, leather is usually purchased for the most active rooms in the house. This choice makes good maintenance a high priority in order to protect the look or your investment and to prolong the life of your leather.”

Which of the three major leather types do you have?

  • Pigmented – Also known as semi-aniline, protected, or painted leather.
  • Aniline – Also known as natural, naked, or unprotected leather.
  • Nubuck – Also known as suede.

Your NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration leather care specialist is thoroughly trained in how to properly identify the various types of leather, then select the products specifically designed for the cleaning and finish of that type. Then we condition and protect your leather pieces to restore their natural beauty and feel.

Beware of single-step cleaning methods that promise cleaning and conditioning with one process. This is outdated cleaning technology that should be avoided.

We offer leather care services for your home or business, for upholstered furnishings, automobile interiors, aircraft and boat interiors, corporate office furniture, hotel furnishings, and more.

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