Concrete Refinishing & Repair

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You have options! Restore your existing concrete surface or apply a micro-cement decorative overlay.

Concrete restoration is similar in many ways to natural stone restoration and can include filling cracks, replacing broken pieces, diamond grinding to remove surface damage, polishing, and applying a sealant to protect the surface from future damage. Our concrete restoration service can help to make your concrete surfaces look like new again.

Applied micro-cement overlays or cement micro toppings are a type of decorative concrete coating that is applied to existing surfaces. The coating is made from a special blend of cement, polymers, and other materials, and is applied in a thin layer over the existing concrete.

Micro-cement overlays provide a unique look that can be customized to fit any style or design and is a much more affordable option than replacing the entire concrete surface. Micro-cement overlays are durable and can withstand the elements, stand up to heavy foot traffic, and wear and tear.

Schedule a free consultation and our expert technical advisors can explain the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which is best suited for your project.

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Concrete Restoration & Repair

We love repairing, restoring, and polishing concrete surfaces. All types of surfaces - floors, walls, garages, parkades, patios, pool decks, driveways, and sidewalks. Our rope access technicians can even clean and repair high-rise concrete building facades!

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Concrete Floors

  • Diamond Grinding & Refinishing
  • Polishing
  • Stain Removal
  • Concrete Sealers & Densifiers
  • Crack Repairs
concrete patio cleaning and repair

Concrete Patios, Pool Decks, & Driveways

  • Seasonal Deep Cleaning
  • Algae, Lichen, and Mold Removal
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Spall Repairs
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Concrete Building Façades

  • Low-Pressure Cleaning System
  • Algae, Lichen, and Mold Removal
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Crack & Spall Repairs
  • Caulking & Expansion Joints
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