Portfolio of Recent Tile & Stone Restoration Projects

Shower Glass Polishing

The soap film and mineral build-up on this shower glass were impossible to clean with regular household cleaners. Our glass restoration process brought it right back to invisible again!

Marble Floor Restoration Test Patch

After 40 years of annual janitorial waxing of these floors, we removed the thick wax coating and then honed and polished this marble floor back to its original beauty. That natural shine was hidden in the stone all these years.

Travertine Shower Stall Deep Cleaning

We love travertine, but it's definitely not a low-maintenance surface for a shower stall. The natural pits and holes in travertine can fill up with soap film over time which allows mold and bacteria to thrive. Our shower deep cleaning system gets into every nook and cranny leaving it squeaky clean and sanitary for the next shower-er.

Limestone Shower Stall Deep Cleaning

This limestone shower needed some extra special care. Limestone is an absorbent natural stone and is a fairly high-maintenance surface for shower stalls and can be difficult to clean. The mold was getting out of hand but we were able to deep clean and sanitize it, re-hone the surfaces, repair some problem grout areas and apply a permeable stone sealer that should help make maintenance easier moving forward.

Travertine Floor Deep Cleaning

"Travertine floors are fun to clean!", said no homeowner anywhere, ever. Fortunately, we love cleaning travertine floors. Our indoor vacuum-contained hot-water pressure washing system (or IVCHWPWS for short) can blast pretty much every speck of dirt hiding in the holes and pits of travertine floors restoring them to a like-new appearance.

Shower Stall Soap Film Removal

This shower stall cleaning needed every tile to be individually to be razor-scraped to remove the bulk of the soap film before we could even start the deep cleaning process. Did you know bar soap leaves a waxy film in your shower that is difficult to remove? Liquid soap leaves less residue and makes shower cleaning much easier. Sorry, Irish Spring lovers.

Marble Floor Tile Repair

Oops. These marble tiles were not installed with a solid mortar bed which left hollow spots under the tiles. When a heavy furniture leg was placed on top it went right through the stone. Fortunately, we were able to find suitable replacement tiles and swapped them out for a perfect repair.

Tub Walls Cleaning & Re-Caulking

This classic tub surround was overdue for some love. Age is only a number, they say, and in this case, that turns out to be true. Now, this tub has many more years of luxuriating soaks left in her.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

These textured porcelain tiles are such a paaaaain to clean. For most people anyway, for us, it's no problem at all. Deep cleaned and the grout colour restored. BOOM! Yes, these photos are of the same floor and were taken on the same day. Promise.

Wall Tile Repair

Ow-ee! A little hand got stuck between the tiles and the shower glass door here. After the firefighters freed the little guy, we came in to repair the situation and help put the memories of this scary day behind everyone.

Shower Stall Restoration

This shower stall was pretty much in a "tear-out" state of affairs. But we were able to replace the cracked tiles and re-grout the joints, re-caulk the change of planes and polish the glass, and voilà. It's good to go for many more years of showering enjoyment.

Rojo Alicante Marble Kitchen Island Refinishing

A misapplied sealer had this beautiful countertop crying out for some attention (figuratively). After removing the sealer with razors, the surface was re-honed and polished to restore the marble shine it once had. Love love love this stone!

Marble Lobby Floor Refinishing

Marble Lobby Floor - Coating Removal & Refinishing

Serpentine Lobby Floor Refinishing

Limestone Building Facade Cleaning, Diamond Honing, & Sealing

Marble Kitchen Island - Changed from Polished to Honed

Tile & Grout Floor Deep Cleaning, Grout Colourseal

Mosaic Stone Floor Deep Clean

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