Cleaning Green in Vancouver

nuvoclean green carpet cleaning vancouver

Just by the nature of what we do, all of the services we offer naturally benefit the environment by extending the life of your home furnishings. Keeping these items clean also contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your family.

Restoring neglected items so they are useful once again and preserving their aesthetic appeal for years to come with protection treatments saves, or minimizes the environmental footprint of manufacturing new products.

The longer your household items last before needing replacement reduces the amount of carpet and furniture that ends up in our land fills, less petroleum based synthetic fibers will need to be manufactured, and fewer trees will need harvesting, and so on all which help our environment. We’re proud to do our part.

The following eco-friendly practices are at work behind the scenes:

Certified eco-friendly cleaning products are used where ever possible. A lot has changed just in the past few years and now it’s easier than ever to find good quality, eco-friendly replacements for the old cleaning products around your home.

Today, 100% natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions are available for most professional cleaning applications too, so consumers can insist that their carpet, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning professionals use only eco-friendly, green cleaning products in their home.

Cleaning waste water is never disposed of on the street or down a storm drain. Not only is this practice extremely hard on fish populations in our steams, lakes, and rivers, it’s illegal and offenders can be fined. All cleaning waste water is disposed of in a sanitary sewer drain.

Paper and plastic materials are recycled. We choose paperless options where possible in our administrative operations such as electronic invoicing and statements, and of course, we recycle what can’t be done electronically. The plastic containers used for our cleaning solutions are also recycled.

Minimize Carbon Emissions and Conserve Natural Resources. NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration uses environmentally friendly, high powered electric extraction equipment with the latest in carpet cleaning technology, the RotoVac Power Wand, whenever practical. These eco-friendly cleaning units produce results equal to, and often superior to, what can be achieved with a truck mounted unit with a regular carpet wand, but consumes a fraction of the fuel and fresh water, which in turn also creates less waste water and reduces chemical usage.

Notes: There are specialized, highly technical cleaning situations where an effective eco-friendly cleaning solution is not yet available. If use of these products is required, every precaution will be made to prevent exposure to the cleaning professional, the building occupants, and the environment. The choice to use these alternative cleaning solutions, or not, is always the customers.

The use of truck mounted equipment may be more practical in some situations such as larger cleaning projects, or where sufficient hot water is not available from another source, and other reasons, but we will always choose efficient portable electric equipment over gas guzzling truck mounted equipment when the extra power is not technically necessary to the job at hand.

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