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Using state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning technology, our powerful high-pressure washing “clean and capture” method tackles even the most difficult problem tile and grout floors.

With our revolutionary grout colourseal we’ll have your grout looking new again, permanently!

Tile & Grout Services

  • Deep Power Clean Tile & Grout Floors
  • Grout Colour Restoration
  • Grout Sealers
  • Tile & Grout Countertops
  • Shower Stall Cleaning & Restoration
  • Shower Glass Polishing and Sealing
  • Grout Repairs and Re-Caulking

Today's tile surfaces include a huge range of materials, patterns and designs. We service them all!

Ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, quarry tiles, terracotta tiles, encaustic cement tiles, even Mexican Saltillo tiles.

Yes, You Will Love Your Grout Again!
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NUVOCLEAN's Exclusive Hard Surface Restoration System.

With our revolutionary tile & grout cleaning process, we can handle both residential and commercial cleaning jobs, leaving your tile floors spotless and hygienic and your grout lines restored to their original clean condition.

Shower stalls are sanitized and all mould and mildew removed. With new caulking and polished glass, and the grout sealed, your old shower is better than new.

We use the world’s best tile cleaning equipment, specifically formulated solutions for cleaning tile and grout surfaces, and specialized extraction tools to loosen and remove soil, grease, grime, and mildew and bacteria from your tile and grout surfaces.

Our tile and grout cleaning system is effective even for downtown Vancouver high-rise buildings, in residential condos or commercial spaces, as well as single family homes.

Some Recent Projects

Tired of struggling to clean ugly, stained, and discoloured grout lines?

NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration can clean your tile and grout floors, seal the grout with a clear penetrating grout sealer, or re-colour your grout with our premium grout colourseal!

We can also repair damaged grout and replace that old and mouldy caulking around your tub or shower with high quality 100% silicone caulking to complete your tile and grout restoration.

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The secret to great looking tile floors is great looking grout!

Your grout lines are porous and, as a result, they easily absorb grease, dirt, stains from spills, and soap residue from routine mopping. In moist bathroom areas, organic materials can collect in the grout lines, which can be a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Mopping your tile floors or wiping down the tiles with a sponge aren’t effective cleaning methods for grout. In fact, when you mop your tile floors, you loosen the dirt from the tiled areas, but the dirty wash water then settles in the lowest points on the floor – in the grout joints.

GROUT CLEANING. Over time the build-up of floor cleaner residue and dirty wash water discolours the grout and no amount of mopping will clean it out.

Even scrubbing the grout on your hands and knees with a stiff brush will not be as effective as our professional hot water extraction process.

grout sealer
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GROUT SEALER. After cleaning your tiles and grout lines, keep your grout looking new by sealing the grout with our penetrating grout sealer to help protect against water-based stains, oily soil, and soap residues from absorbing into the grout.

It creates an invisible barrier to resist re-contamination which makes cleaning easier and does not change the natural appearance of the grout.

Our clear grout sealer is a water-based penetrating sealer, not a coating, so it still allows for vapour transmission.

Colour Restoration Sealer For Your Grout!

Sometimes Grout Just Needs A Colour Change.

If your grout has been neglected for just too long and cleaning alone is not enough to make you love your grout again, we can re-colour your grout lines with our grout colourseal system to match the existing original colour, or you can change the colour of your grout with almost 100 colours to choose from!

grout sealer

The main problem with grout is that when oily soils build up, it actually penetrates deep into the grout, making it almost impossible to clean yourself.

Our premium grout colourseal repels oils and water-based stains which makes the grout surface much easier to clean.

Untreated grout absorbs oils and stains like a sponge, but our grout colourseal lowers the surface energy of the grout. Oils and other spills simply bead up for super easy cleaning!

Easy grout clean up means there is no need for harsh floor cleaning chemicals, and the oil and stain repellent is built right in.

It’s permanent! It can never be washed off or worn away.

NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration's premium grade grout colourseal system is made with an aluminum oxide finish, a mineral harder than granite, so it is incredibly durable.

It’s waterproof, resistant to household cleaners, and it will keep your grout looking great for years, lasting a lifetime with regular maintenance. We guarantee it!*

The finished result is a very natural grout appearance, not a “painted look”. Our colourseal fills in small pits and fine cracks to create a more even, uniform look for older, tired grout lines.

It’s flexible and breathable with a permeability rating of 15 which allows the escape of moisture vapour through the sealer. While this information may be a little boring, it is a very important feature to point out, and we’re certain it will be of interest to some of you.

"Better Than New" Grout!

It's true! Even for new tile installations, protect your new grout from staining and soil build up right from the start.

Your new grout is very porous, absorbent, and susceptible to staining and discolouration from day one. Without protection, it will start to discolour within months of installation.

Our clear penetrating sealer or colourseal system will start you off right, making daily maintenance easier, and protect your investment for years to come.

You Will Love Your Grout Again!

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*Colour Seal Warranty:  With your proper daily maintenance and annual professional cleaning by NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration, your grout will always look perfect.

After a full restorative tile and grout cleaning by NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration, we will warranty the durability of your newly coloursealed grout for 10 years with the required regular maintenance. Residential customers only. Other conditions may apply. Ask your service consultant for more details.

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