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NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration was created for individuals and businesses who value and invest in their interior and exterior hard surfaces such as shower stalls, countertops, walls, patios, building facades, and flooring. As a responsible service provider, we must inform you that there are some inherent risks associated with the care and maintenance of these hard surfaces.

At NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration, our primary mission is to safely and effectively clean, restore, and/or apply protection treatments. Despite all safety precautions and professional due diligence, the following are examples of (but not limited to) possible occurrences that are beyond the reasonable control of NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration during processing.

COLOUR CHANGES – some materials will experience changes in colour, shading, and/or luster. Changes may not always be consistent throughout the material.

Servicing natural stone in particular can result in unexpected changes in appearance that even the most experienced professionals can not reasonably anticipate. This could be due to inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, "doctoring" or colour dying of the material in the factory, exposure to certain environmental conditions, general usage, previously applied treatments such as sealers, and other variables.

TRAVERTINE - Travertine is a calcareous sedimentary stone formed in underground springs which creates voids, holes, and pitting in the material. The material is soft, acid-sensitive and some can be porous.

While this material may be filled at the factory with polyester, acrylic resins, grout, cement products, and/or urethane products, fills can become dislodged over time due to many causes, but mainly due to wear along with expansion and contraction.

Periodic maintenance is required including the filling of new voids and holes in travertine. Please note during our service visit some holes could be missed, and some are too small or shallow to fill.

Prior to quoting the job, the amount of fill work will be agreed upon and specified on the work order (e.g. holes pencil eraser-size or larger will be filled, or the 12 largest holes will be filled, etc), then after the job is complete the technician will walk through the job with the client before leaving the job site (if the client is present) to review the work. Requests for additional hole filling after the job is completed will be subject to additional charges.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) Baseboards and Cabinetry – the use of MDF materials for baseboards, cabinets, trim, door frames, and other items that are installed immediately adjacent to flooring where water is required for cleaning, refinishing, or polishing is at risk of swelling if moisture comes in contact with them.

The installation of MDF materials in “wet areas” such as bathrooms and kitchens is not recommended as 100% control of water migration is not possible on hard surface floors. Painted MDF materials and silicone sealant applied where baseboards meet the floor reduce the risks but do not eliminate them as seals do fail over time and paint chips. Exposed corners and edges are especially susceptible to water absorption, as well as the seams of laminated MDF cabinetry.

While all reasonable efforts will be made to limit moisture exposure to MDF materials during tile and grout cleaning, natural stone restoration, and carpet cleaning, NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration is not responsible for any moisture damage to MDF materials.

WATER MIGRATION – Because of the necessity to use water during the process of grinding, honing, and polishing stone, and cleaning tile and grout surfaces, NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration will be responsible to mask and protect adjacent surfaces from splatters, however, NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to walls or ceilings or adjacent materials by water migrating through missing or cracked grout, cracks in the floor, walls, failed shower waterproofing systems, etc into rooms/areas below or beside the workspace. If moisture does find its way under the tiles or stone, as it dries, it may produce a by-product called efflorescence, a light-coloured powdery substance on the surface of the stone or grout. NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration cannot be held responsible for this occurrence and is not obligated to remove it without compensation.

PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY STANDARDS – NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration agrees to perform all services in a proper, professional manner using equipment, cleaning solutions, protection treatments, and procedures that are standard for the professional cleaning industry. NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration will not be liable for failure to remove stains, for any discolouration or colour loss, nor for any change in colour to the materials regardless of the cause, nor physical changes that may appear or may be revealed during or after the process of cleaning, restoring, or protecting. Normal wear or sun exposure will not be the responsibility of NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration and will accept no liability for conditions existing prior to cleaning or protecting.

PAYMENT – All residential invoices are C.O.D. Payment in full must be made to NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration upon completion of the job. We accept MasterCard & Visa.

Credit card deposits of 50% are required at the time of scheduling to secure the job dates, the balance is processed on completion of the job.

You can also pay by cheque, cash, or e-transfer if full amount or the order is paid in advance of the job date.

Commercial Accounts are also C.O.D. unless credit is arranged in advance of the job date. We require 3 business days to approve credit terms. All accounts must be paid in full within 30 days of the service date.

A finance charge of 2.499% per month (29.99% annually) will be charged on all past due balances. A $50 fee will be applied to all declined cheques.

If outstanding invoices are not paid in full within 30 days of the service date, the customer agrees to pay any collection service fees, court fees, bank service charges, interest, and other expenses incurred by NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration, including lawyers fees, in collection of the same.

Deficiency Hold-Back Policy. If, for whatever reason, an unexpected issue arises that results in the agreed-upon need to schedule additional technician appointments beyond what was planned to complete the job, a 10% payment hold-back may be granted until the issue is resolved, otherwise payment in full is due upon the scheduled completion of the work.

CANCELLATION/DATE CHANGES – As a rule, the client cannot cancel booked jobs or change dates for any reason after arrangements have been made and/or deposits paid.

Deposits are non-refundable. If the client chooses to cancel or change dates, the client risks forfeiting any deposit paid and the company reserves the right to impose a penalty of up to 100%, of the amount of the contract/invoice depending on the date of the cancellation or change.

The company commits to honour the dates scheduled for the job, but will not be held responsible for a cancellation of the dates due to an illness of personnel, breakdown of equipment, severe weather conditions, or any other unforeseeable event beyond its control. Should any of these events occur, the company will schedule new dates with the client and these new dates will become part of the contract and will be equally binding as the original.

PRICING – Prices are subject to change. Cost estimates can be provided via communication email and by phone, however, firm quotes are provided only after inspection of the job site. Coupons must be presented at the time of our arrival on-site, prior to the start of any work.

A minimum charge of $350 per visit may be required depending on the service type.

REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS/LIMITATIONS OF CLEANING/PROCESSING – It is impossible to accurately predict the results of any cleaning or restoration process because there are always unknown variables. As professionals, our goal is to achieve the best cleaning results safely possible using a combination of competent, highly trained, and certified professionals, top-of-the-line equipment and solutions, the latest industry-standard methods and procedures, along with our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in hard surface flooring, countertops, and shower stall care and maintenance. General expectations will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of any work. Natural stone materials have unique characteristics that cannot always be changed to suit expectations. Sometimes changes to natural materials occur during processing that cannot be reversed, and these are not necessarily considered defects in the material or workmanship.

100% stain removal and/or odour removal cannot be guaranteed in every situation.

Workmanship will be judged from a normal viewing perspective. Pre-existing conditions such as damage to materials, age, wear, sun exposure, and installation problems may affect our ability to properly complete cleaning. Certain cleaning procedures are performed at full customer risk when specified.

Stone restoration work and restorative cleaning processes are considered to be construction-level events in your home or commercial property, and as such, our technicians are trained to take great care to protect adjacent surfaces from incidental damage. However,  sometimes minor nicks and scrapes are unavoidable, and some painted surfaces may require touch-ups after service. In some instances, we may recommend removing baseboards prior to floor refinishing and reinstalling them after the work is complete. This kind of incidental damage is rare, but possible, and is considered a reasonable risk of job processing of which the customer must assume, therefore the responsibility to repair such damage is the customers.

SHOWER STALLS – Services we provide do not address waterproofing issues. We work on the surface materials, the tiles, grout, glass, and caulking. The waterproofing system is (should be) behind these materials. Shower stall waterproofing is a function of the construction of the shower, and is the responsibility of the builder to install correctly.

Shower floor construction, including insufficient slope and/or drainage are often the cause of surface appearance issues and cannot always be corrected by cleaning, sealing, refinishing, or re-grouting, therefore our service guarantee does not extend to shower floor issues.

FURNITURE MOVING – We are not trained furniture movers, however, we can move most small common items, such as some sofas, chairs, and tables at the customers risk, but we ask you to remove smaller items and valuable items from the work areas such as lamps, plants, and ornaments before we arrive. Heavy furniture such as large beds, sectional sofas, wardrobes or dressers, heavy cabinets, desks, or fragile antiques, appliances, fish tanks, and any electronic items such as televisions, stereo equipment, or computer equipment will not be moved. Using hand tools, we can reach under pieces with legs to clean underneath or carefully clean right up to the edges of flat bottom pieces. In some instances, rooms will need to be empty to perform restoration services.

SAFETY – The health and safety of you and our employees is our first priority. To protect the safety of our employees, please relocate large dogs to a secure area prior to our arrival and for the duration of the cleaning job. Also, for their safety, please keep children and curious smaller pets away from our equipment and cleaning products.

CAUTION! Use extreme care when walking over hard surfaces during processing and from the carpet to hard floors as they will be very slippery until dry! Please warn all building occupants of this hazard. Hard surface floors are extremely slippery during cleaning and foot traffic should be avoided until the floor is dry. All foot traffic should be avoided on surfaces during processing.

PARKING – Customers must provide free on-site parking for our service vehicle for the duration of the job. Guaranteed availability of building loading zones, visitor parking areas, or legal street parking (reserved by holding space with a customer vehicle) immediately adjacent to the building is usually sufficient. Note that street parking is often time-restricted and may not be suitable. If pay parking is the only option, the customer is responsible for that expense.

ARRIVAL TIME – Due to factors beyond our control such as traffic conditions or unexpected delays at job sites, we ask for a two-hour window of arrival for your scheduled time. Our representative will contact you on the day of service to give you a more precise arrival time. A more specific arrival time can be offered for the first appointment of the day, which is usually 8-10 am. Other exceptions can be made by special arrangement.

CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULE – Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please notify us a minimum of three business days prior to the scheduled date. For larger projects, cancellation at any time could result in forfeiting the deposit paid or further penalties. Thank you for your consideration.

PRIVACY STATEMENT – At NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration, we take your privacy seriously. While the nature of our business requires us to obtain some personal information from you, we will never sell, rent, share or provide that information to any third party. This includes your name, address, phone numbers, email address, and any billing and/or credit card information. Exceptions are the financial institution required to process your payment or agencies used to collect overdue accounts if necessary.

RESIDENTIAL SERVICE GUARANTEE – If the cleaning results do not meet your predetermined expectations as discussed with your NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration representative prior to the start of work, we will return to your home at no extra charge and redo any areas you were disappointed with at no additional charge. If we are still unable to meet your expectations, we will refund the charges for those areas in full. Commercial services and stone restoration services are subject to individual service outcome agreements determined prior to quoting and/or performing any work.

DAMAGE AND LOSS – NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration is fully insured. Our insurance policy provides a General Liability limit of $2,000,000. In the unlikely event that damage occurs to any item as a result of the cleaning process, excluding the limitations previously stated, NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration will repair the damage by means chosen by NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration at our expense.

If the item cannot be repaired, NUVOCLEAN Surface Restoration will either compensate you for the item's current depreciated cash value as determined by customary insurance depreciation tables or replace the item from our own source.

Processing of any damage claim requires payment in full for the initial service rendered.

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