Top 5 Reasons You Can Trust NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration with your next project.

1. Friendly and courteous uniformed technicians, professionally trained and certified.

This is huge. Right from the first phone conversation, to when we introduce ourselves at your door, you’ll instantly feel comfortable and confident that you’re in good hands. We’re professionally trained beyond the highest industry standards, we’re committed to providing top quality workmanship on every job we do big or small, and you’ll find we’re friendly and courteous respecting your home or place of work as if it were our own.

2. Fair and honest pricing. No misleading deep-discount advertising or high pressure sales tactics.

Let’s face it, our industry doesn’t have the best reputation for ethical behaviour. And there’s a good reason. Many companies still operate using “bait and switch” tactics and high-pressure sales to mislead unsuspecting customers into paying more than they originally intended to or agreed to.

Others pretend to offer ridiculous deep discounts of 30%, 40%, even 50% off! The problem is, those companies ALWAYS offer those “discounts”, so because no one ever pays full price, there really is no discount at all.

Yes, all of these tactics are currently being used by various companies operating in Vancouver today. At NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration we insist that honesty and integrity are core values for all aspects of our business, including any promotional offers and pricing. I mean seriously, how can you really trust a company to do the right thing after the sale when they start the relationship with lies and unethical marketing? We don't believe that you can.

3. No surprise hidden fees or extra surcharges for fuel or waste disposal.

Many companies surprise you with bogus “service charges” or “environmental fees” when it comes time to settle up. I’ve seen “waste water disposal fees”, “fuel sur-charges”, “environmental fees”, or just plain “service charges”. Usually it’ll be in the form of $20 or $25 or more added to your bill.

None of these “fees” are required by any government agency or go to some special eco-fund. They’re all just made-up charges to ding you one last time. The extra money goes straight to the company’s bottom line.

We feel they are misleading and unfair as many customers feel pressured to just pay up to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation. Not cool.

4. We’re cleaning and restoration specialists, so we have the expertise to safely and effectively clean many surfaces, from the most delicate upholstery fabrics and luxurious wool carpets, to deep cleaning that stubborn grout on your tile floors and restoring the shine on your natural stone surfaces.

Education, training, and our extensive experience is what really sets us apart. Our most senior natural stone restoration expert was trained at one of the most prestigious stone restoration schools in North America and continues to be actively involved in continuing education consulting almost daily with colleagues literally around the world to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends in stone refinishing and design.

We’ve also received training from the best cleaning and restoration school our industry has to offer, the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). Professional training completed includes courses in carpet cleaning, pet urine decontamination, upholstery cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, stone masonry and ceramic tile cleaning, and water damage restoration.

NADCA training includes Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, Certified Ventilation Inspector, and Mold Remediation for HVAC Systems.

5. Advanced, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are safe for our environment and your family.

Whenever possible we use certified environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. When a certified eco-friendly cleaning solution is not available for a certain process or task at hand, we exercise all precautions to ensure that its used safely as directed and protecting our employees and customers health is our primary concern. Nothing we use in the field is toxic or dangerous when used properly.

We try to run as paper-less as possible taking advantage of digital technology whenever possible.

Waste water is always disposed of according to local and federal laws and we recycle all paper and plastic used in our operation.

6. Our customers discover us by recommendations from friends, family, and other professionals they trust.

We rely on our customers to share their NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration experience with their friends, family, and colleagues to help grow our business. What better way to spread the word.

The highest quality workmanship at fair prices and a no-risk service guarantee. That’s NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration.

We know you take pride in your home, and for it to look it’s best, it needs to be clean – really clean!

Hey, the better we make your home look, the better we look! and we like that…

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