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Refinishing & Polishing Limestone Floors

A recent project we completed, this 12 years old limestone floor had the usual scratch and etch damage one would expect after 12 years of living, plus some grout damage, and a few chips and cracks. The kitchen area was in particularly rough shape with many deep scratches from the bar stools along the island, and in the busy working area on the opposite side of the island, there was no shine left at all and the grout was badly discoloured.

In order to restore it to it's former beauty we honed the surface with diamond abrasives of various progressive grits until all the damage had been removed and the floor was properly prepared for polish. We also filled the chips and cracks with a urethane-based resin filler, and after a few days of meticulous workmanship, the floor was polished, the grout received a final deep clean, and a penetrating stone sealer applied.

This floor has never looked so good!


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