Pro Tips Maintain Your Stone, Tile & Grout Surfaces

  • Never use harsh commercial cleaning chemicals, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, all-purpose cleaners, 3 in 1 miracle products, abrasive type cleaners, or heavy-duty scouring pads.
  • Your cleaning solution should be neutral pH so it doesn’t damage sensitive stones, and it should also be a rinse-free formula so it doesn’t leave residues that will dull surfaces and attract soil over time.
  • Protect busy floor surfaces with mats or rugs with soft backings and use coasters, placemats, and trivets on counter top surfaces.
  • For floors, regular and frequent sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming to pick up abrasive particles, spot clean spills, plus occasional damp mop cleaning with a flat head type mop with a microfiber pad using your neutral pH rinse-free stone cleaner is recommended.
  • For counter tops, regular and frequent cleaning with your neutral pH rinse-free stone cleaner is recommended using a soft cloth. Clean the kitchen counter daily near the stove top especially after cooking with oil using your neutral pH rinse-free stone cleaner.
  • Be quick about picking up spills with paper towel and blot, don’t wipe to avoid spreading.
  • In the kitchen, store oil bottles and wine bottles, etc, on trivets and not directly on the counter surface, and in the bathroom, store your cosmetics and soaps on trays.
  • Switch to clear liquid soaps in the shower, bar soaps leave heavy residues and will require a lot more maintenance to keep your shower looking clean. Liquid soap and shampoo with dark dyes can also stain and discolour your shower.
  • In the bathroom, wipe down and dry the counter top after each use, do not allow puddles of water to remain to dry on their own.
  • After showering, rinse off the walls and glass with fresh water and then use a squeegee to dry them up to prevent water spots, soap film build up and mould and mildew growth.
  • Clean showers regularity and frequently with your neutral pH, rinse free cleaner and periodically with a soap film remover and mildew remover.
  • There are many suitable cleaning products out there to choose from, however we recommend all of the products available at MB Stone Care.
  • Most importantly enjoy your natural stone and tile and grout surfaces! Don’t worry too much as professional help is always available for stains should they occur and professional service can restore your stone or grout when the time comes. Professional cleaning and restoration services are available from NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration in Vancouver.

NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration offers free, no obligation, in-home consultations and free quotes for all natural stone and tile & grout services including our professional stone and grout sealing services in Vancouver.

Call us today 604-565-7494 to get a free quote, or book an appointment on-line!

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