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Pro Tips Help Your Shower Stall Look It’s Best

All That Oxy tile and stone cleaner
Our Recommended Shower Stall Cleaner
  1. Rinse the shower stall walls and glass when you’re done (nice to have the shower head on a hose for this), and then dry your shower stall after each use. This is the single most important thing you can do to keep your shower stall clean and mould free. You could use your bath towel and literally wipe the shower stall dry or use a little squeegee to remove the water drops off the shower walls and glass. Then keep the shower door open and the bathroom exhaust fan running for at least 30 minutes after use.
  2. Don't use bar soap in the shower. Bar soaps leave waxy residues behind. Sometimes we even have to scrape excess soap film residues off shower tiles with razor blades before our professional shower cleaning service! Instead, switch to a clear shower gel as it will leave much less residue on the shower stall surfaces.
  3. Clean the walls and glass weekly with a neutral pH cleaner with hydrogen peroxide. We love All That Oxy from MB Stone Care. Working in manageable sections, spray the surfaces generously with the cleaner and wash thoroughly with a damp microfiber cloth or sponge. We like the 3M Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges. You can use a soft tooth brush to get into the grout and nooks and crannies if necessary but avoid aggressive scrubbing with stiff brushes. Rinse well with the shower head on a hose. Dry thoroughly.
  4. Closely inspect your grout and caulking during your weekly cleaning ritual and check for any damage.
  5. If your shower stall has been neglected for a while and the situation has gotten a bit out of hand, you may need to amp up the cleaning power to get caught up. Perhaps you've been battling with serratia marcescens (that pink/orange bacteria that likes to grow in shower stalls), or you've got extreme soap film build up, mouldy grout, or a build up of mineral deposits, you can try these heavy duty restorative shower cleaners.
soap film and mineral deposit remover
Soap Film & Mineral Deposit
shower mould remover
Mould & Mildew

Or better yet, you can have NUVOCLEAN® Surface Restoration come in for a full deep-clean and restoration. Then treat yourself to a professional shower stall cleaning service once every year and our technicians will perform a thorough deep-clean, repair/replace any failed or mouldy caulking, fill any missing grout, and do a complete inspection to ensure your shower stall is still in good shape.

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