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Pro Tip Keep Your Carpets Looking Beautiful

Regular Carpet Maintenance and Care

  • Place abrasive walk-off mats (Coconut Coir Mats) outside entry doors and absorbent area rugs inside at all entrances to reduce soil migration into your home. Clean your rugs and mats frequently.
  • Use furniture coasters to distribute the weight of heavy items and chair mats for chairs with wheels.
  • To extend the beauty of your carpeting, close drapes or blinds on south facing windows during hours of direct sunlight.
  • Be careful not to spill when using bleach, mildew removers, laundry detergents, and other strong chemicals that can permanently discolour carpet fibers.
  • Vacuum at least weekly, more often in busy traffic areas, to remove damaging abrasive dry soil particles that can scratch and dull fibers. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner with a beater bar attachment. Use the beater on the highest setting for thick soft carpets.

Periodic Professional Care

  • Professional hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is recommended at least once every 12-18 months and may be required to maintain your warranty.
  • Have the most used areas, such as entrances, doorways, heavy traffic areas, and in front of sofas, etc cleaned as soon as they begin to show soil.
  • Professional hot water extraction cleaning removes the oily, sticky soils that vacuums can’t get out, and the soils that result from cooking vapours, air pollution, and tracked-in dirt.
  • There’s nothing quite like freshly cleaned carpets!

When Accidents Happen

  • Act Quickly. Clean up spills promptly. The longer the spill sits there, the harder it’ll be to remove the stain.
  • Pick up solid food spills gently with a spoon working from the outside toward the middle to avoid spreading the spill. Then proceed to next step.
  • Blot up remaining stain or liquid spills with absorbent paper towels by folding the towels into a thick square and applying pressure from above. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB!
  • If you have a wet vacuum spot cleaner (highly recommended) use that to extract liquids before blotting dry.
  • After extracting or blotting to the point where no more liquid transfers to the towels, mix a teaspoon of castile soap or equivalent mild detergent into a liter of warm water and apply to remaining stain, agitate gently, then repeat blotting process until no more liquid transfers. Apply fresh water to rinse then repeat blotting until dry.
  • Call for emergency professional service if the stain doesn’t come out.
  • For flooding and water damage, call a professional cleaner to dry your carpet from the front and back to avoid mould and mildew problems.

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